Angels of Mercy Programs
No Soldier Left In Need Project
Angels in Iraq/Afghanistan Project

American Legion Auxiliary Unit 270
1355 Balls Hill Road
McLean, Virginia 22101

December 2008

Dear Generous Supporter,

It is hard to find the right words to let you know how much your support of our Angels of Mercy Program, Angels in Iraq/Afghanistan Project, and No Soldier Left In Need Project has meant to us and to our wounded military and their families.

As a result of the generosity of our donors, our Angels of Mercy Programs have been able to accomplish tasks that were never imagined when we started our volunteer programs in the fall of 2003. Each Wednesday we take food and baby needs to Walter Reed Army Medical Center for the families of our recovering military residing at the Fisher Houses. We do this so the families can focus on the needs of their son, daughter, husband or wife. And to let them know we care.

We next visit 30-40 recently wounded military being treated in the wards at the hospital, providing clothing suitable for attending physical and occupational therapy sessions, receiving visitors and making their way around the hospital in a dignified way. We also provide comfort items like magazines, games, phone cards and snacks to help the hours pass quickly for those confined to bed. But during our visits we mostly want to make sure they know their Country cares about them. We are happy to report that the 5,000 wounded military that we have personally visited understand that message.

We are especially proud that the medical staff at Walter Reed knows they can come to us with unbudgeted requests to implement their new and creative ideas, and we are able to respond. This is one of the areas that our No Soldier Left In Need Project has as a focus.

Perhaps the proudest accomplishment of our Angels in Iraq/Afghanistan Project is shipping over 25,000 pieces of clean, used children's clothing and enough school supplies for over 5,000 Afghan/Iraqi students. Some, including girls, are going to school for the first time. This effort continues on a monthly basis. Our deployed military through whom we work call this winning their hearts and minds.

We are working hard with The American Legion and The American Legion Auxiliary to help provide for the long term needs of our military as they return from combat. This is a big challenge, but again No Soldier should be Left In Need.

The Angels Programs and we personally have won many awards over the last five years, but none as significant as being asked to take the Angels of Mercy Model for Volunteerism we created at Walter Reed and develop it for the new Walter Reed National Military Medical Center opening in 2011 in Bethesda, Maryland.

To provide you with greater depth on our work, we have included consolidated copies of articles from our national award-winning American Legion McLean Legionnaire newsletter. Click on "Stories from God's Little Miracle Garden" on the home page. And much more detail is on our web site. Click on "Read Angels of Mercy History" on the home page.

We would like to tell you that our programs are no longer needed. But, while fatalities are down, planes continue to bring seriously wounded men and women to Walter Reed every week. We will continue to serve until no longer needed.

So once again we are asking for your generosity. Please do not hesitate to call or email if you have any questions.

Wishing you and yours a Happy and Healthy Holiday Season and a Blessed New Year.

Marian and Jay
Marian Chirichella and Jay Edwards
Founders/Directors of Angels of Mercy Programs